Auto Accident

Most people involved in an auto accident trust their insurance company – or the insurance company of the person at fault for the accident – to tell them everything they need to know, lay out their options for them and offer them the most fair settlement available for their injuries and costs associated with the accident. However, just the opposite is true.


Insurance companies often do everything they can to find a reason to deny a claim. If they can’t find one, they offer a very low settlement in the hopes that the victim will simply accept it. Insurance companies know that if a victim goes to trial, they could stand to be ordered to pay triple that amount or more.


At the Law Office Of Malcolm S. Nettles, we have represented hundreds of individuals injured or killed in auto accidents. We are uniquely poised to offer you comprehensive legal advice and quality legal counsel. With our experience, skills and professional resources, we can give your case a legal edge. Our goal is to give you the options that the insurance company won’t, so you don’t miss out on any financial compensation that is due to you. We understand what tactics work in a personal injury case and what doesn’t, and we will apply our knowledge and expertise to every facet of your case.


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