Drug Crimes

Being charged with a drug crime is serious. While some drug crimes are charged as misdemeanors, others – like drug trafficking – are charged as felonies and are associated with significantly harsher penalties. Common drug crimes include:


  • Possession of marijuana 
  • Possession of narcotics
  • Prescription drug crimes
  • Paraphernalia
  • Drug sales
  • Drug trafficking
  • Sale to a minor


When you are facing serious charges for drugs, your future is at stake. If found guilty, you could be ordered to spend years in jail, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fines, have your license suspended, and even be ordered to attend mandatory drug counseling or rehabilitation.


Simply put, at a time like this, you can’t afford to gamble with the rest of your life. You need a seasoned, skilled Texas drug attorney at your side to fight the charges against you. At the Law Office Of Malcolm S. Nettles, we have helped hundreds of clients just like you who have been accused of drug crimes and have successfully defended their rights, liberties and freedoms under Texas law.


Mr. Nettles will begin investigating your case immediately, and will use the evidence at hand as well as unique legal tactics to build you the best defense possible in your case. He will give your case his full attention and consider your best interests at every stage of your case. When you need an attorney you can trust, contact the Law Office Of Malcolm S. Nettles.


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